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Good Job!

2021, Getting so much closer.

So here we go!

One issue I addressed was the Odometer that had quit working. Found this is a common problem with the 1994 - 1998 SN95 Mustangs as they get older.

I didn't take any pictures of the instrument cluster removal or repair as there are plenty of videos on YouTube covering this. I have attached the one I used for reference.

A problem I encountered was the Zero Stop Pins for the Speedometer and Tachometer broke off during my install. Replacements for these are not readily available at the time of this writing. I was unable to locate any with web searches.

Here are pictures of the gears I had to replace for the Odometer and one of the broken Zero Stop Pins.

Broken Odometer gears. Broken Zero Stop Pin.

My suggestion is to remove the pins before doing the gear replacement. They easily pull out and push back in.

Being unable to locate these online I reached out to the Mustang community to see if anyone had found these anywhere before. I certainly didn't want to have to purchase an entire used cluster just to replace the pins.

I did get a response from revhead347 at He replied that he had several old clusters and would hook me up if he had any. He only had 1 but I was welcome to have it.

A second member that helped me out was General karthief. He actual pointed out something I should have thought of, did the Foxbody Mustang clusters use the same pin for the speedometer. After digging out an extra cluster I discovered that, while the tachometer in the older cluster doesn't use a stop pin the speedometer does and they are indeed the same!

speedometer close up zero stop pin

So now I have this minor setback taken care of.

Good Job!

Next was getting new tires. I couldn't find any thing in the brands I prefer so I settled for these. I'm not building this car up to do any racing, it will be a daily driver. These are the correct size and the price was right.

New tires. Kumo 245/45-r17

Last day of the month stuff happened, very productive day.


Much better. Looking better

Didn't put the radio and CD player back in going to look for other options first.

Keep it up dad!!

See you again soon!

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