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Digging In

Never enough time to do all you want so other than some cleaning up of the interior and surveying the damages that years of neglect had done, not much progress had been made till now.

I decided that 2 items needed addressed to see if the car will even start again. 1) The fuel system. 2) The electrical system

There is some evidence of wires being chewed on and some small motors getting wet and corrosion doing some damage.

Next a fuel tank that had been recently filled before the car was parked. I figured I better address the old fuel first.

There is no way around it other than dropping the tank and draining out the rancid fuel. The big question would be how bad off will the inside of the tank be and what is the condition of the fuel lines?

Dropping the tank the first concern I came across was the fill neck gasket was nearly rotted away. After disconnecting the fuel lines and electrical connectors, I dragged the tank over to a spot I could safely dump out the old fuel. Not only did it stink but it had the color of rusty water as it poured out, this was not a good sign!

Setting the tank on a work bench I looked inside and found the worst case scenario I expected.

The Slime Pit

Pulling the fuel level indicator and the fuel pump made it very clear there would be no saving any of this. I am going to have to get a new fuel tank.

fuel indicator fuel pump
fuel tar

Sadly I also discovered 2 other issues in the right rear of the under carriage, the tail pipe had been nearly broken loose from the muffler and the rear anti-sway bar had broken up inside the control arm where it mounts.

Just means I will have to upgrade the exhaust system and suspension ;) .

fuel indicator fuel pump

More later, progress may be slow but, it is not at a complete stand still!

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