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 'First picture at Silverbell

Arrival 2018

My father had bought this 94gt used in the late 90's. After driving for several years it got parked about 10 years ago according to him due to some wiring and lines that had gotten damaged, but was still running when parked it. He had mentioned giving me the car in 2017 because the weather back east was causing the car overall to deteriorate even after parking it in his barn.

So in 2018 we took a vacation to go visit him and trailer the car home. During the visit he decided to come back with us and tow the car so we could get in a little more site seeing on the trip home.

This Mustang actually made it to the new place before my other 2

April in Silverbell

The car was and still all original. It came with the 16" Pony wheels, Deep Forest Green (code NA) exterior with Saddle (code MM) top and Saddle (code 4S) leather interior.

The interior is in very poor condition and the top has a few tears. The only change I plan on making to the car is putting on the 17" optional Tri-Bar GT wheels that I already had.

Optional GT Wheels.

Once I start digging into the car more I will include more pictures. Out of my 3 current Mustangs this is the most promising to getting on the road first, Wish me luck!

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