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GHSTWLF rides again

2021, GHSTWLF Rides Again!

June 1, 2021

On June 1, I officially became the registered owner of the GT.

After an unsettling event where I thought I was going to lose my dad, he recovered and signed the title so I could get it registered in Arizona.

During registration was asked if I wanted a custom plate for the car. I still had my original GHSTWLF "Ghost Wolf" plate and as the owner had the option to re-use it so I did.

So now that the car is legally licensed and insured, I will start putting road time on it to continue finding any issues that need addressed as well as the partial restoration planned.

Fast forward November 2023

Plenty of road time has been accumulated during the past 2 years. The only non-normal work done to the car was the replacement of the transmission wiring harness. Also replace the plug for the alternator.

I thought I had a water leak from the water pump at the gasket so I pulled the pump replaced the gasket and chose this time to replace the hoses with the blue Continental Brand hoses.

Continental Hose Box. Installed Hoses.

The leak persisted and it was actually coming from the timing chain cover so cover has been removed and gaskets replaced. In the process I installed a new Melling timing chain.

During this down time I tested the convertible top motor/pump. The pump worked and I was able to work the top for the first time in about 15 years!

Top Down 15 Years. Top Down 15 years 2.

This came at a cost of tearing the dried out top even more.

A new top has been ordered.

Tear #1. Tear #2.

After a little troubleshooting and cleaning some dirty contacts, the top now operates on its own again.

See you again soon!

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