My 1969 Mustang Page

This page is for my very first Mustang. It started life at the Kingman AZ. Ford test track. It was used as an office pool car during 1969. My grandmothers brother worked there and purchased the car for her in 1970. She used the car until 1978 when as promised she gave the car to me.

The car went through everyone in the family even though it was my car. In 1983 the car went to my youngest brother and eventually to my other brother. The last I was told it ended up in a junkyard very used, very tired.

These 2 photos are the only ones I have left, my youngest brother is the one with the car in both.

The car was originally equiped with the optional "BIG 6" a 250 cid. inline 6 cylinder (4.1L for those of you who don't know what cubic inches are.), 1 bbl carburetor, C4 automatic transmission. 4 wheel drum brakes and 14" wheels

The color was Lime Gold it may look familiar to some as Legend Lime on the 2005 and newer Mustangs.

The interior was a dark greenish black color, high back bucket seats, am radio and not many other options.

Eventually the car had a 302 and a 351W transplanted in it over the years, and the poor thing must have been cursed because everyone who drove it for any length of time either was hit or hit something with the car.

I really miss this one and other than my current 1987 coupe this is my favorite Mustang I ever owned!

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