My 1983 Mercury Capri RS

I am in the process of getting it running. I have traced down the fuel problem and waiting for the part as of this writing. Here is a selection from some video I took when I was trouble shooting the car's fuel delivery system. Enjoy the open headers. =^_^=

In the video I had filled the carburetor with fuel and had poured a little into the intake. That was the only fuel the car had to run with.
I tested the fuel pump and it was working but it was not pulling any fuel from the tank. I pulled the tank and found that the filter on the end of the pickup tube had collapsed and the end of the tube was plugged solid with shellac.
I got the parts to fix the fuel delivery problem from Ford. Incase your reading this and need the part number it is PN: D1FZ9A011A Filter Asy.

Pickup tube plugged Pickup tube new filter

Now with everything back together - IT'S RUNNING!

Next on the agenda is to replace some bad wiring. There was plenty of it!

Bad wires 1 Bad wires 2

Had to cut out the bad wires and soldered in some new, add some fiber & aircraft electrical tape. Not quite good as new but solid and safe enough to run down the street.

More on the list - Flush out the brake system and freshen it up. And final step to make it road worthy and legal, some mufflers and pipes.

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