2007 Dodge Caliber SXT

Here are some recent photos taken in September 2008 near Picacho Peak State Park. They originally where for my entry for the Member of the Month contest on the CaliberForumZ site.

As you can notice in these pictures a new addition to Pixie is the Dodge Mopar rear splash guards/ mud flaps. I also found some flat splash guards that I added using the factory front fender guards. They have worked great helping to keep the road grime off the car. One more note the last several fill-ups for fuel Pixie is now getting 29 - 30+ mpg with 23,000+ miles on the odometer.

Picacho Peak Sept 2008

Picacho Peak Sept 08

Picacho Peak Sept 08

Picacho Peak Sept 08

An added feature you can not see in these pictures is a new set of light up window switches. The Calibers power window switches come with openings for lights but only the drivers master set has a light and only for the drivers window. While this may not be an issue for some, I hated having to fumble for the controls at night especially the door locks. Well using switches for the Dodge Charger I was able to change all my switches to have lights. It is actually a pretty simple change. I have done a complete write up for this and it can be found at the CaliberForumZ site.

I will be adding the instructions here soon!

Unfortunately I did not win the Member of the Month but I later submitted a few of the pictures as possible selections for a Caliber / SRT4 2009 calender. Happily one was chosen and Pixie is now the Caliber for March 2009.

Picacho Peak Sept 08Picacho Peak Sept 08

If you would like to purchase one of these calenders for your self they are available at CafePress.com. I do not make any money off these but they are really nice calenders. I bought 5 as you can see to give as Christmas Gifts this year.

2009 calender

Goodbye Faithful Friend

With out going into too much detail Pixie has moved on to a new home with my mother. I was in need of a truck and near the end of 2013 my brother had decided to sell a 1996 F250 Crew cab 4x4 Powerstroke he had owned for several years. I told him when he bought it I wanted it if he ever sold it. Well Pixie had just been paid off and my mom wanted her. So when all the dust had settled Pixie was with my mom and I had my F250 Powerstroke.

|1| Humble beginnings. |2| Pixie Becomes A Star! and Goodbye Faithful Friend.

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